Power dynamics and body language in every day situations

Samstag, 1. September 2018


Dealing with authorities or challenging situations at work, being on the subway and in the hardware store: all of us have experienced how dominance and the belief of superiority expresses itself in body language. Often, we find ourselves „automatically“ in the opposite role, feeling powerless or overpowered, deprived of our space and maybe even angry at ourselves.
But there are many ways to mix up that game, to understand what‘s happening while it‘s happening and use body language conciously ourselves in order to feel well, powerful and safe.
Understanding some ways of how society is messing with our minds can be useful, as well as training to break internalized patterns of body language or responding to certain signals by other people.
This workshop will contain explanations, demonstrations and small-group- practice. After this workshop you will probably have some food for thought and more options in your everyday encounters.

13:30 at www.sonntags-club.de